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Why Is the Best Choice That Is Devin?

Beside the well education、competence,and well personal training、Devin's performences are also provided his past employers, companies, clients,and accounts with huge revenue and going upwith a leap.

My performences and the abilities for the propose are listed as belowed.

1. Crazy for innovation、Life for Fun 、Work for Real-Just Like Internet Surffer.
2. Competent understanding and Co-op experience with varies the industries/field
3. Risk-taker under high pressure with high responsibility & commitment
4. Well and Multi experiences in Sales / Product Marketing /Marketing / Presales sides.
5. Above 5 years working experience in Multi-national Companies or Major Local Companies with multi companies or BU.
6. Above 3 years online marketing experiences of AdWords in in-house side.

As a marketing/project manager for my last two employer、XCome and e21MagicMedia、I had the opportunity to visit Beijing、Shanghai、Wuhan and Hong Kong. This experience has given me a solid foundation in marketing 、selling and account management skills. That also let me become a good sales manager to organize customers』 needs and turn their needs into the revenues of my company and clients.

You can get more details in my Google Map.

Welcome to the journey in Google way! ^_^



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