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Statement of Propose

Dear admission committee,

I am very happy to write this application letter to introduce myself. Through this you would know my past work experiences which includes my online/offline marketing and account management skills and the reasons I want to work for you. All the marketing projects I’ve done are enclosed.

But why do you have to choose me being your crew?
Because I am a positive、diversify experience, creative, humor and risk-taker person and are willing and ready to join Google.

Before graduating from Taiwan Shih Hsin University in 2002、I have been steadily developing my professional skills. My responsibilities over the last six years have progressed from online/offline marketing、product marketing、to the project management of large international account and developed varies new business models and revenue for my company、accounts and clients. As a marketing/project manager for my last two employer, XCome and e21MagicMedia、I had the opportunity to work with Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Hong Kong teams. This experience has given me a solid foundation in marketing , selling and account management skills. That also let me become a good sales manager. I hit NTD$17 Million for personal Revenue Target (over 340%、excluding media buy)、including media buy is NTD 54million in e21MM,and Ecosystem Building up,and creating 90Million team revenue. I also organize customers』 needs and turn their needs into the revenues of my company and clients to Rebuild Product ROI roles/Product Lifcucle schedule in Xcome.

In 2008、I planned the online columns like what Dyson & ISSEY MIYAKE have done for Taiwan Clains official website. And I try to integrating my online marketing and branding skills to reduce unnecessary promotion costs and highlight the true brand attitude and target audiences value.

Another side、I have continued to watch new online marketing tools』 effect like AdWords in online market. Since 1996 back from Germany、I have frequently surprised in the highly innovation and lead of internet、where I continue to improve my profession skill in marketing field. As being a Product Marketing Manager for mCool(On Device Protal in Mobile) and Window Live on Mobile、I am responsible for planning and administering online campaigns for telecom CRM programs and recruit new users. After the online campaigns execution、I am deeply known the key sales points in AdWords and limited in present online marketing field. Although my marketing position at a telecom company is not directly related to the internet advertising agency or sales house, my responsibilities there have progressed from AdWords and MSN AD planning to project management, and from the channel management, to execution can really help me build a very strong linkage with your applier.

Although the environment for the online marketing in Taiwan has improved over the last 4-5 years, sales and program management talent are sorely lacking in China. online marketing skills are widely considered to be unrelated fields to lots of marketers which only exacerbate this problems. Taiwan pioneering role in online marketing experiences and management and the emphasis on developing a sales background to be trained myself and provide my professional skills to online marketing and product are the main factors in my choice to work and study here. That is the main reason that I hope to work for you and explore ways to apply business marketing and management concepts in the field of online marketing.

If you have any questions about me、please feel free to contact me via my mobile or email. Hope your further information and thanks indeed.

Yours truly

Devin Tang
Devin Tang devintann@yahoo.com.twPhone:886-925-960-806 / 886-986-773-501


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